About Us

SDS-Consulting is a full service (architecture & civil engineering) design intensive studio with works that ranges from small–scale interior constructions/interventions to larger developmental projects. Over the last eighteen years (Estd. 2004), the office has established a growing reputation for innovative work that exploits a wide variety of site, programmatic and constructional considerations.

Every project the studio undertakes is subject to a progress of inquiry. Research and analysis frame experiments in material and construction. Drawings, models, study and reflection are the tools that shape each design. Close involvement with the construction process and collaboration with artisans, engineers and contractors ensures the quality of the finished product.

While the form and image of the designs result from the specific needs and place for which a proposal is designed, the work does not espouse any particular architectural style, but strives to articulate that which is unique and important within a given project expressing that both urbanistically and architecturally. The projects are distinctive for their conceptual clarity and visual intensity.

The studio adopts a multidisciplinary approach, informed as much by a theoretical discourse as by the convergence of academic discipline and practice in an attempt to manifest in material and physical form that which is unique and important within the given project.

The studio engages outside consultants (electrical, plumbing and sanitary, HVAC etc.) and works closely with them to ensure that the quality of design work meets the international standards.
SDS Consulting was founded in the year 2004 and headed by Ar.Sambid Mahapatra and Er.Dipti Kiran Padhy at Bhubaneswar.

Our Values

Values represent the core priorities in SDS Consulting culture and determine the way we do the business. Values guide our actions and form our code of conduct.